About us

Who We Are

Icon We focused on impact opportunities dedicated to providing long-term sustainable investment to those impact-generating corporate champions and impact-creating project winners in Vietnam.
IconWhen mobilizing our capital into investments, we will consider our investment actions on local social, economic, and environmental impacts alongside financial returns.
IconWe will be a responsible investor, upholding the four key principles sustainable development goals (SDGs) and respecting the environmental, social and governance (ESG) frameworks.


Our Mission & Focus

We will primarily focus on making impact investments in controlling or significant minority stakes in the traditional and alternative asset classes, including:
  • Renewable Energy,
  • Sports, Culture & Tourism Infrastructure,
  • Equitization of State-Owned Enterprises,
  • Real-Estate NPLs.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is anchored on the belief that corporate Vietnam requires more than simple capital. We will be responsible for our investment actions, assisting corporate Vietnam to build globalized visions.

We hope to build long-term strategic growth plans and implement these plans into corporate or project actions. And in the process, we will adhere to strict financial disciplines and corporate governance based on our investment principles.

Moreover, we wish to build and provide realistic motivations for the management and project leaders and work cordially with all concerned parties, aligning their goals and visions with those of company shareholders & investors.

Our Experienced Team & Business Partners

We will work in teams with our business partners looking for the right mix of skills, knowledge, and experience when approaching new potential investments.

Our seasoned professional team members will command in-depth knowledge in their respective fields of expertise: investment research, direct investment, project & corporate financing, capital markets, and law.

When investing, providing capital is only the beginning of a more complex and committed program for adding value to an enterprise or project.

At ASONG, our seasoned professionals will work long-term with the management and project leaders.

Young Kyu Lim
Chair of the Board
Ser Miang Ng
Special Advisor
Jean Michel Caldagues
Sung Seung Hoon
Managing Partner
Byun Jong-Jin (John)
Managing Partner
Kim So Yeon
Executive Director
Hoàng Lê Thùy Dương
Executive Director
Trần Hồng Nhung
Đinh Quý Mạnh Hà
Senior Investment Analyst
Nguyễn Quang Long
Investment Analyst